Tis the Season to Paint Portraits!

So there I was, chatting with a friend about Christmas gifts, when she mentioned that she planned to get her sister a painted portrait of her dog. And I thought... Holy crap, I could do that!!!

And so began my new business promotion to start offering pet portraits!

I started by creating an Etsy posting (check out my Etsy page on this website), and advertising on Facebook... Lots of enthusiasm, but no bites!

Then on my local mom's group Facebook page I posted a giveaway promotion for a free 11x17 pet portrait! I got over 100 hits, AND two private messages requesting commissions. Woo!

Here's an example of a cute 8x10 I just finished that I'm pretty happy with:

I'm excited about the others, and will share those results soon!

Merry Christmas!

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