A Mural for Matt

I had the immense joy of finishing Matt's undersea mural last night. He is such an interesting and creative kid, and he is not shy about showing his enthusiasm for my painting.

First order of business was to finish up the HMS Pikachu submarine I started for him the last time I​

​painted. I think it turned out pretty cute, and he and his dad in particular were thrilled! We discussed whether the sub should be the "HMS" or the "USS" Pikachu, and ultimately decided that "HMS" made more sense with it being a yellow submarine.

Next was a manta/stingray. He has a plushy ray that he's had since he was little, and keeps it on his bed. It's very special to him, so he wanted one painted on his wall. I gently convinced him to choose a color other than grey, since the shark I painted last time is grey. He requested a bluish grey, and showed me a shirt he has in that color. I ended up with something more like a navy blue, but he was absolutely obsessed with the color! All in all, a big hit!

Next was more coral! He loved the coral I improvised the last time, and wanted MOAR CORAL! He thinks it looks more like underwater bushes, and I'm okay with that. Photos of that piece below in the full-mural picture.

Lastly, he wanted a big ol' jellyfish going behind the shark. Ask and you shall receive, my friend.

One giant psychedelic jellyfish coming right up!

A quick pull-away for the broad view of the whole finished product. Matt named each of his creatures. Octopus: Tina; Shark, Herbert; Ray: Marlon; Clownfish: Harry and Sally; Anemones: Annie and Nemmy; Jellyfish...... Jelly. You can see the original demo painting I did on top of the dresser. He wanted to keep it and frame it.

I hope Matt continues to love his mural. I would love to return and paint more for him.

Until then, I'm just happy that I get to do my favorite thing and get paid for it :)

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