About Bri

Bri is an artist from the Pacific Northwest, who has made her home in Chicagoland with her three children and cat. She loves to create art of all kinds, but is particularly passionate about painting and collage. She also enjoys singing, musical theater, and swing dancing.


"Nice job, mommy! You a good painter!"

I have had experience working on several large-scale art projects with Bri including a wall mural and painting handmade carousel animals. She is very talented, has many years of experience, and a passion for art. She is also great with people and a great choice for painting parties

Bri is amazing, very passionate for her work. She is very easy to work with. 
Her work is great and what she did means a lot to this little family. Her portrait of our pal Sparky is outstanding and a wonderful thing for us. This is great for any pet owner to have done. She knows what she does, and talented. So she has 100% trust on any work she does.

Everett, age 4




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